Y Termiadur Addysg app

An app for Y Termiadur Addysg is now available free of charge for iOS and Android devices.

Installation instructions
To install the app on your device, use its web browser to visit http://ap.termiaduraddysg.org. The web page will install the app for you on your mobile device.

Termiadur Addysg App

Termiadur Addysg App

Off-line mode
At present, you will need a web connection to use the app on all devices except the iPad. On the iPad, you can use the app to search the dictionary without a web connection. This feature will be added to other devices before long.

Using the app
Type your search in the search box and press the search button. The app will search through Y Termiadur Addysg for entries that match your search either in full or in part. Press the relevant headword to open out the entry that you want to look at in greater detail.

Contents of the dictionary app
The dictionary on Y Termiadur Addysg app includes all the entries found on the Y Termiadur Addysg website.

A word about the technology
This app was created as a HTML 5 web app. HTML 5 is the next generation of standards for structuring and presenting content on the web and mobile devices. In concentrating on developing one HTML 5 app which works across iOS Apple and Android platforms we can make better and more consistent use of our resources, ensuring the app’s long-term sustainability on multiple platforms, as well as our ability to deliver the product directly to end-users.

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