In addition to searching for specific terms you can browse through the dictionary from A to Z.

When you search for a term, the website will also display nearby entries as these can often be relevant.

Here you will find lists of key terms for subjects found in schools and colleges of further education in Wales. Currently, key terms for mathematics and hairdressing & beauty are available, and more will be added soon.

Do you know the difference between a 'mole' in chemistry and the 'mole' that digs up your garden?

Find out by trying out these games!

Diffiniad Drwg

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    Welcome to the website of Y Termiadur Addysg.

    Sponsored by the the Welsh Government, it provides standardized terminology for the field of education.

    These are the terms to be used in Welsh medium exams and assessments and in resources of all kinds for teachers and students.

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